1. Complete form Certificate of Authorization to do Business as a Foreign Corporation.
  2. Other documents and requirements:
    a. Certificate of Existence (or similar document) issued by the Secretary of State
    or other authorized officer who maintains the custody of the corporate registry
    in the jurisdiction under which laws this corporation is organized. The
    certification must be an original and updated. If said certificate is in a foreign
    language, a translation of the same, sworn by the translator, will be attached to
    the certificate of existence.
    b. $110.00 in an internal revenue voucher of Puerto Rico, or a money order or
    certified check, payable to the Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico.
    Physical address: San Francisco St, San Jose Corner
    Diputación Provincial Bldg.
    2nd Floord, Corporation Registry Office
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
    Mailing address: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
    Department of State
    Corporation Registry Office
    P.O. Box 9023271
    San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902-3271

Foreing Corporations