Letter: Act on Puerto Rico

La-Bandera-Puertorrique--a-puerto-rico-354230_500_375By Adam Gardiner.  For the Deseret News – I have been paying attention to state and national issues for years and that means I have watched the beautiful island of Puerto Rico face every issue from statehood, military testing of its shores, and now the spiraling debt crisis. Because Puerto Rico is not a state, nor a nation free to act for itself, the United States Congress has a responsibility to stop the economic bleeding without bailouts.

Because of my affinity for my fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, I was pleased to read last week’s editorial “Utah’s Rep. Bishop is in a pivotal position to influence a solution for Puerto Rico” which brought much-needed attention to Rep. Bishop’s legislation to address the debt crisis. After Puerto Rico missed its most debt payment, it’s evident that the downward spiral will only continue if Congress fails to act. Fortunately, Rep. Bishop’s bill — the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) — provides a solution that would put the island on a path toward fiscal stability. As last week’s editorial emphasized, the bill not only provides the legislative framework for Puerto Rico’s recovery but also protects taxpayers across Utah and the country from shouldering a bailout.

Adam Gardiner

Candidate for House District 43

West Jordan

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