Pilot lands plane in front of Puerto Rico McDonald’s to get coffee

11289954wPublished November 25, 2015EFE

A Puerto Rican pilot decided to land his small plane in a grassy area next to a McDonald’s in northern town of Hatillo to buy himself and his passenger a coffee, island authorities confirmed Wednesday.

The Puerto Rican Police said that personnel with the Puerto Rico Joint Forces of Rapid Action, or FURA, were dispatched to the site on Tuesday afternoon thinking that an accident had occurred after receiving a call alerting them to the presence of the small plane on a farm next to the fast-food restaurant.

“We thought it was an accident, but they said they’re used to doing it. They land in the grassy area,” said one of the FURA agents. “They said that they left the (Arecibo) airport and landed there to get coffee.”

The plane’s owner and pilot, Rodolfo Rivera, and his passenger, Jose Torres, were not arrested and – after getting their cups of coffee and speaking with the FURA agents – continued their trip with no further delay. EFE

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